White Land Company

White Land Company was founded in San Francisco in 1887 by Charles S. White. Now run by Charles S. White's grandson, Kevin White, a 4th generation San Franciscan, White Land Company is most noted for developing much of the Sunset District in San Francisco and more recently, probably the most prestigious address in Atherton, California, Faxon Forest, the former estate of Alfred Heller. Growing up in Hillsborough, Kevin White explored the grounds of the great estates and watched as many of these great estates, one by one, were torn down to make way for nondescript subdivisions. When the W.S. Hobart estate became available, Kevin White, with his keen knowledge of location, value and history, acted quickly to purchase what is one of the last Peninsula estates. Now, after years of research, planning and obtaining approvals, the first home is ready to break ground.


Knitter and Associates

Knitter and Associates was founded in 1980 by M.J. Knitter. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Knitter and Associates is best known for their interpretation and reinvention of the glamorous Southern California homes of the teens, twenties and thirties. Home by Knitter and Associates grace the streets of Southern California's most prestigious golf and country club communities. A few of the numerous awards received by Knitter and Associates include the Laurel, Mame and the ultra prestigious Golden Nugget and award from the Pacific Coast Builders' conference. Heading the Knitter design team at Stonebridge is Ray Miranda.


Pinn Bros.

For nearly three decades, award-winning Pinn Brothers Fine Homes have been building homes of superior workmanship,fine detail and outstanding value in the finest locations throughout Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. Pinn Brothers Fine Homes is an extremely successful combination of family owned and operated business and committed Bay Area community developer.


Hunt Hale Jones

Hunt Hale Jones is best known for their creative adaptations of what is known as the Bay Area Style, the architecture pioneered by such great architects as Julia Morgan, Bernard Maybeck and Willis Polk. Hunt Hale Jones are especially proficient in the shingle style and other romantic styles found in the Bay Areas premier communities of Ross, Piedmont and Hillsborough. Bay Area communities designed by Hunt Hale Jones include Dunsmuir, Asconia and Riverwalk. Heading the Hunt Hale Jones team at Stonebridge are Adam Gardner and Michael Palza.


Michael Callan and Associates

One of the most successful and innovative landscape architects of the Peninsula, Michael Callan is especially talented in using landscaping to embellish magnificent architecture and creating, through landscaping, areas of serenity and quiet contemplation. Reflecting the different styles of architectural at Stonebridge, landscaping at Stonebridge will be both eclectic and dramatic while newer overpowering the native oaks and indigenous vegetation that graces Stonebridge's valley and hills.