The land where Stonebridge at Old Hillsborough is being created is rich in the lore, history and romance of early California, the California Gold Rush and the extravagant opulence of the gilded age and roaring 20's. Once part of the Mexican land grant, Rancho San Mateo, Stonebridge was purchased in the 1880's by W.S. Hobart, the illustrious Silver Baron who founded the famous silver mining town of Virginia

City, Nevada. By the late 1900's the W.S. Hobart estate comprised hundreds of acres and included a grand country estate, formal gardens, a polo field, horse ranch and where Stonebridge at Old Hillsborough is today, a hunting lodge overlooking a wooded valley and gentle hills of impossible beauty. Miraculously, Stonebridge at Old Hillsborough looks today, much as it must have looked in W.S. Hobart's day. A secret, secluded valley sheltered by gentle knolls with spectacular views of San Francisco Bay. Upon entering this hidden valley the traffic and congestion of the bustling Peninsula are left far behind. With the only sound in Stonebridge being the sounds of wildlife and the sea breezes through the oaks, it is hard to believe that downtown San Francisco and Silicon Valley are a mere 20 miles away.




Although more than thirty homes could have been built at Stonebridge, only fourteen estate-sized parcels, many exceeding an acre, will ever be developed. Earth moving will be kept to a minimum. Most of the centuries old oaks will be preserved and protected. Hundreds of new trees will be planted. A riparian easement will protect Los Encinos creek for perpetuity. All this to ensure that Stonebridge at Old Hillsborough will forever remain a sanctuary of quiet serenity.



The architecture and landscape of Stonebridge at Old Hillsborough receives it's inspiration from the romantic period architecture of the 20's and 30's and the masters of American residential architecture who created the great homes and neighborhoods of that era. Visit the enclaves of Bridge Road in Old Hillsborough and Park Lane in Montecito and one will see what Stonebridge at Old Hillsborough will be when completed. The gracious homes of style and character set on large lushly landscaped lots, behind ivy covered stone walls and iron gates, looking as if they've been there forever.